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25 Mar 2021

JOIN US for an evening of FAMILY and SPIRITUALITY

Join us for an evening of Spirituality with Chiara and the Nuovi Orizzonti family to progress on your personal path of the SPIRITHERAPY – Horizons of Spirituality.

The program includes a session of spiritual training with Chiara Amirante (founder of Nuovi Orizzonti), some prayer moments and Online Sharing Groups.

You will have the chance to start working on yourself with concrete and practical exercises for a kind of spiritual gym.

During the JOY DAYS a SIMULTANEOUS TRANSLATION will also be available in ENGLISH and PORTUGUESE (soon in SPANISH).

Invite your friends to join!



– Discernment

– From Ego to God



Spiritual Training with Chiara Amirante

– Prayer time with spiritual exercises

9:20 – 10:30 PM (CET) Sharing Groups* and closure


  • all indicated TIMES are Italian (CET: Central European Time)
  • the PROGRAM may slightly change during the event
  • Sharing Groups: subject to availability


The event will be in Italian with simultaneous translation in ENGLISH and PORTUGUESE (soon in SPANISH)


  • 3 days before (Monday) at 9 am for full participation in the event: JOY DAY + Sharing Groups
  • 1 day before (Wednesday) at 11 pm for the JOY DAY (without Sharing Groups)

Registration is mandatory in order to participate.

Before the event we will send you the link to join in by email.

Before the event you will need to download and to install the latest version (5.4) of the APP ZOOM on your fixed device (PC or MAC) or mobile (laptop, smartphone, tablet).

Participation in the event is completely FREE.

JOY DAYS are open to everyone because, especially in this difficult time, everyone needs to feel at home and to share deep and true moments with others.

A Sharing Group is a fundamental tool in the human and spiritual training path of Nuovi Orizzonti because it allows, a small group of about 20 people led by a trainer, to share and make the training themes concrete for one’s own personal life.

During JOY DAYS it will be possible to live the experience of Sharing Groups are open even for those who are participating for the first time.

For English speakers the sharing group will be in English: please select the language in the registration form.

In case you have other questions or you need help, please check our HELP ONLINE

In case you dont’ find the answers contact us: