Over the years, some members of new horizons have specialised in communication via media and new media to bring the proclamation of the good news and messages of hope to as many people as possible.

And thus, the commitment has grown to produce radio and television broadcasts containing informative and explicative material, with special attention given to issues of prevention.

From right off, Chiara Amirante’s story has perked the interest of many, and that of the media above all. Her experience, as well as the testimony of the young men and women who emerged from different sorts of ‘hell’, has spread, in TV broadcasts, on national and local networks, over the radio and in newspapers.

The commitment in this area has gradually developed in the following areas:


The New Horizons ‘Web Presence’ extends across different channels, starting from the network of institutional sites to cover the most popular social networks used, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram… Adapting to the speed and mutability of the Internet, the web sector is in constant evolution and fermentation!


From 2007, the video production sector has taken on an increasingly important role in the promotion of prevention and awareness material on issues relating to social distress and the valorisation of the person. What was simply collaboration in the past has become the creation and distribution, over national and local television as well as web channels, of content that is entirely self-produced, from conception to realisation.

Over the years, some New Horizons professionals have joined with friends and collaborators on co-productions through the creation of social cooperatives or video production companies committed to spreading the good news.

Graphic design

The work of graphic design is a fundamental aspect of communication: it is not the logic of appearance, but the logic of aesthetics and beauty that, in fact, guides the desire to have a presence on all the communication channels, elaborating a visual experience that can best express the intense New Horizons experience.

Work in graphics implies close collaboration with the editorial sector to create book covers and to provide support for the web developers and Social Media Evangelists in order to create the necessary graphic compositions and a selection/realisation of photographic material.

Press office and public relations

The New Horizons press office, working in close collaboration with Chiara Amirante, concretely handles the management and design of the entire communication programme, which is then conveyed through the various media channels. Operating within this is the public relations office, which manages relations with the institutions and the media in a close and effective collaboration.

Comunicazione: Chiara Amirante in studio audio - Nuovi Orizzonti
Riprese e streaming eventi - Nuovi Orizzonti
Comunicazione: produzione video - Nuovi Orizzonti


  • Web production, social media
  • Audio/Video Production
  • Graphic design creation, art direction
  • Press office and public relations