In the new horizons community programme, labour is understood as a tool for putting to use capabilities, skills, and personal aptitudes for the common good, and economy as the discipline that finds and administers funds and resources so that different initiatives and socially beneficial projects can be sustainable.

Occupational therapy, work education, and labour reintegration

Labour is a fundamental tool for a person’s re-education. On the one hand, a respect for schedules and entrusted tasks, and a positive management of relationships with authority are crucial passages for a person wishing to get out of a condition of social hardship. On the other hand, the discovery and valorisation of one’s own abilities is an important driving force to open up new prospects for life. The valorisation of the human and spiritual formative dimension of labour is, at this point, an important need not only for those who live in situations of severe hardship, but also for the many young people seeking direction in their lives.

Start-ups and social cooperatives

There is constant commitment to researching productive activities that can be developed and included in social cooperatives with the aim of:

  • giving an opportunity to those who can no longer find space in the workforce;
  • creating income to donate in support of New Horizons social activities;
  • creating workplaces where each person can be professionally fulfilled and grow from a human perspective as well;
  • developing entrepreneurial ideas that make a positive contribution to society.


For New Horizons, fundraising is a fundamental aspect, so that the social initiatives, reception centres, and Sky Citadels can be economically viable and able to receive, reach out, and form, without distinction, those who turn to the Community for help. For this reason, we put forth initiatives to promote and make known the projects we are involved in, fundraising campaigns, lotteries, collections for food and primary-need goods, solidarity markets, recovery of surplus stock, charity events and dinners, and anything else that comes to the imagination. Well aware that the goal of our projects is highly demanding, the members of the association share in as much as possible to support the activities, trusting that their gift is multiplied by the generosity of people’s hearts.

Here’s how you can collaborate with us and give us your help:

  • by offering opportunities for work reintegration to those who conclude the pedagogical rehabilitation pathway in collaboration with our reception centres;
  • by requesting the products and services of our social cooperatives and production sectors;
  • by becoming active in fundraising initiatives in favour of the association’s projects;
  • by making available your skills for professional consultancy as voluntary solidarity.
Lavori di manutenzione del verde - Nuovi Orizzonti
Bomboniere Solidali - Nuovi Orizzonti
Lavori di Falegnameria - Nuovi Orizzonti
Lavoro di Edilizia - Cooperativa - Nuovi Orizzonti


  • Occupational therapy, work education, and labour reintegration
  • Start-ups and social cooperatives


Cooperativa Sociale Ali Blu - Nuovi Orizzonti
Cooperativa sociale Ali Verdi - Nuovi Orizzonti