The area of harmony and artistic expression offers many people an opportunity to put their artistic talents in painting, sculpture, the writing of icons, handicrafts, and fashion at the service of beauty. “beauty will save the world” (dostoevsky)

The people dedicated to the Area of Harmony and Artistic Expression are united by their common desire to transmit, through artistic creations and craftwork, the harmony and beauty that can lead back to the One who is the Principle of all Beauty. Over the years, a number of service teams have been formed that have given rise to diverse artistic initiatives: exhibitions, shows, workshops, seminars, courses in iconography, painting courses… The commitment of the artists is also that of helping the different participants to discover, see emerge, and develop their own hidden talents.

Laboratori Artistici ed Armonia- Nuovi Orizzonti
Pittura - Nuovi Orizzonti
Corsi Iconografia - Nuovi Orizzonti


  • Exhibitions
  • Shows
  • Workshops
  • Seminars
  • Courses in Iconography
  • Painting Courses