The members of new horizons who operate in this area of service are dedicated to activating centres, teams, and initiatives aimed at sheltering, accompanying, and supporting people in situations of dire distress.

Communities for reception

The reception communities host young people and adults – male and female – who live in situations of distress related to pathological addictions (drugs, alcohol, sex, gaming, internet, etc.).

A special characteristic of the reception community is that of being a large family open to all those who wish to have an experience of life renewed by love. Everyone – operators, managers, young people welcomed from the streets, young people in vocational discernment – dedicate themselves to growing in the Art of Loving, supported by a formative programme of “self-awareness and inner healing”, aware that each and every person can be a gift for the other.

The communities also handle the social work on the streets and many other initiatives, such as: telephone hotlines, social secretariat service, support dialogues and guidance, meetings for prevention and awareness-raising sessions in schools, self-help groups, street missions.

Listening centres

Normally, these are born out of awareness-raising and prevention work ordinarily carried out by the members of the Association. They are doors open to the territory, in connection with the network of local Services and volunteer work. The main activity is precisely that of listening unconditionally to the people who access them, to guide them toward identifying resources and solutions. The Listening Centre team is composed of volunteers who are trained both professionally and via their Community pathway experience.

Volunteer training centers

These are a proposal and a response: the proposal of an educational pathway aimed at developing self-awareness and self-value as people, as a prerequisite for an authentic life; a response to the widespread crisis of meaning that mainly involves young people. It is also a volunteer training pathway that allows participants to work in the Centres or activities of the New Horizons Association or other entities active in international cooperation and the field of social services.

Families open to providing shelter

Families open to reception are married couples dedicated to being open to providing shelter for the small and the poor according to the charism of the Community

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  • Residential Reception Community
  • Listening Centres
  • Volunteer Training Centres
  • Families open to providing shelter