In this specific area, members and friends of the community with different talents make available their professional or amateur skills to bring joy and rekindle hope in many, through music and entertainment.


The team of jesters animates the different moments of training sessions, moments of sharing, prayer and create street performance activities with flash mobs, musical entertainment, and various kinds of artistic events. The core crew of the Jesters Show Team (made up of singers, musicians, dancers, actors, authors, production designers, technicians, etc.) puts together performances in Italy and abroad.

Joymix team: fun and training

Also active in this area is the Joymix Team, which offers training seminars open to all, workshops and performances for prevention and awareness-raising, event organisation – such as alternative vacations, the “New Year’s Eve of Light”.

Every year, the artists of New Horizons put together 60-70 events throughout Italy and abroad, with the collaboration of artists who come from many different realities, reaching tens of thousands of people, from the young to the less-young, thanks to performances in schools, public squares, auditoriums, theatres, at conventions, and in churches.

Spettacoli musicali - Nuovi Orizzonti
Spettacoli di danza - Nuovi Orizzonti

Entertainment and workshops

The Area also has some teams active in animating parties, receptions, and ceremonies. With a characteristically bright and joyful style, the teams aim to entertain, engage, and amuse participants in a way that is fresh and genuine. It also organises formative workshops and seminars for theatre, dance, singing, and entertaining. These experiences of personal growth and community target young people who desire to offer their talents for the service of evangelisation.

Christian music

Some teams of artists are engaged in realising Christian musicevents designed to nourish the faith through art and varied professional expertise, through evangelisation performancesand the musical animation of moments of prayer.

Music production

A number of albums with original songs written by New Horizons have been created and produced annually. Many of these can be downloaded from the main stores online.

Animazione - Nuovi Orizzonti
Danza - Nuovi Orizzonti
Spettacoli musicali - Nuovi Orizzonti
Musicisti - Nuovi Orizzonti


  • Musical performances, artistic events
  • Training seminars, workshops
  • Performances for prevention
  • Entertainment for parties, receptions, and ceremonies
  • Evangelisation performances


Solo per Amore - Nuovi Orizzonti