The sky citadel project envisions small villages for reception where anyone who feels alone, marginalised, or desperate, can feel welcomed, supported, and loved.

Cittadella Cielo Nuoviorizzonti Frosinone - Nuovi Orizzonti

It also foresees the realisation of a number of Centres where each and every person can engage in the creation of new projects and social solidarity initiatives. In Italy and abroad, the Sky Citadel project makes possible the multiplication of:

  • residential reception communities and support for life centres;
  • small villages for street children;
  • foster homes;
  • listening centres, telephone hotlines, support groups, street teams;
  • centres for volunteer training;
  • centres for prevention;
  • social cooperatives;
  • support initiatives in hospitals, prisons, and slums;
  • projects in developing countries;
  • centres for work reintegration;
  • positive places for youth to gather;
  • shows, programmes, concerts for solidarity, prevention and awareness-raising initiatives;
  • courses in self-awareness;
  • training courses for social workers and educators;
  • street missions;
  • centres for spirituality and evangelisation;

… and anything else the fantasy suggests to respond to the painful cries of those in difficulty.

Cittadella Cielo Quixada - Nuovi Orizzonti
Cittadella Cielo Belluno - Nuovi Orizzonti
Cittadella Cielo Bosnia Erzegovina - Nuovi Orizzonti

The citadels are also important centres for creating links and collaborations between the many entities already operating in the areas of distress and delinquence and the work opportunities for people who are socially disadvantaged, on national and international levels.

In particular, the Sky Citadel project foresees the creation of:

  1. Reception homes for volunteers in training who will engage in the various working, therapeutic, and managerial sectors, in numerous formation courses, and in various social initiatives in the fields of prevention, support, guidance, contact with the territory and public services, work on the streets, and awareness-raising.
  2. A small village for support of life, for the reception and support of teen mothers and children in distress, and the Agape Communities that welcome abandoned children.
  3. A Study and Communication Centre for the production of informative and educational material, in collaboration with the mass media, giving special attention to issues concerning prevention.
  4. A formation Centre for artists, where people can put forth their talents to create artistic events (music, theatre, movies, art, etc.) that are socially significant and that can affect the prevention of social distress.
  5. A formation Centre for social street workers.
  6. A Centre of first reception for those who find themselves in dire situations, to accompany them and to guide them toward inclusion in the appropriate reception and support structures of the New Horizons Association or of other associations.
  7. A Centre for spirituality, prayer, and formation in the new evangelisation.
  8. A reception Centre for young people sick with Aids and for those who are terminally ill.
  9. A street team, which will engage in “hot spot” areas in schools, prisons, and places where youth gather.
  10. Social cooperatives, for the creation and offering of jobs.
  11. Listening and guidance centres.
  12. Support Groups.
  13. A multipurpose Centre to gather together youth, and more.