Numerous service teams are dedicated to organising conferences, seminars, roundtables, meetings, and various initiatives designed to stimulate human and professional formation, and the development of the person. A fruitful collaboration has also begun with scholastic instituitions to create new educational projects.

The long-term goal of this Area is that of renewing the fields of science and culture with the truths of the Gospel. Nowadays, in fact, it is urgent that a positive counterculture be developed and disseminated – one that unmasks false prophets, calls attention to the traps of the consumerist illusion, and denounces all the forms of deceit embedded in today’s society.

Formation has always been the cornerstone of New Horizons’ life philosophy: formation understood as growth that is both human and spiritual. Experience teaches us that if one of these two is missing, the other remains extremely fragile, and the consequence is a life marked by contradictions and crisis yielding uncertain results.

The fundamental objectives are freedom and love as pathways for an authentic realisation of the self.

Freedom, as the development of awareness of self and of one’s own value, of one’s talents and fragilities, recognised and accepted. Love that embodies principles of solidarity, donation, and gratuity, fully expressed through the Gospel. These values, elaborated and lived in community experience and service, contribute toward the development of a new “culture of encounter and of donation”.

Over time, some people have developed a passion for and specialised in different areas of formation and culture, and in publishing. In particular, the Publishing house “Horizons of Light” was born, whose editorial activity today is at the service of the life of the association for the formation of its members and to spread the knowledge of its work.

Formazione con Chiara a Cittadella Cielo Frosinone


The key elements upon which the various initiatives in this Service Area are developed are: care for relationships, lifelong personal formation, professionalism, and spirituality.

The main activities translate into: